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Perpetuum Software LLC emerged in 2002 to develop professional software components for the .Net Framework. Over the years the company has developed several lines of high-quality .NET and ASP.NET software components compatible with MS Visual Studio .NET, C# Builder, Delphi .NET and other IDEs supporting .NET Framework. The primary focus for Perpetuum Software LLC activity is development of software components intended for data reporting, analysis, and visualization. The company produces and offers both new and time-proven software components.

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SharpShooter Reports 7.1 released
New version adds Visual Studio 2013 integration and improves Excel exporting.
Perfect Widgets V2.1 released
New version improves testing and adds HTML exporting.
SharpShooter Collection improves Designer
New version adds Redo and merge functionality.
SharpShooter Reports.WinRT released
Add powerful reporting to your Windows Store applications.
SharpShooter Reports V6.5 released
Includes new WinRT report viewer supporting mouse and touch gestures.
WPF Viewer for Reporting Services
Display your SSRS reports in WPF applications.