amCharts 4.6.0

Released: Sep 12, 2019

Updates in 4.6.x


Updated Oct 8, 2019


  • Accessibility: itemReaderText on XYSeries (and all inheriting series types) now respects value set from user code.
  • Accessibility: Default role for chart changed to widget.
  • Accessibility: Axis has now readerHidden = true set by default, to prevent screen readers from reading out useless numbers.
  • Accessibility: readerTitle was not being populated by data item data via curly bracket data placeholders.
  • Accessibility: Bullets were ignoring Series' skipFocusThreshold setting.


Updated Oct 7, 2019


  • New Export property: validateSprites. It's an array you can push any Sprite to it. When export starts, it will check if those elements are not invalid and will await for them to be ready. This is useful if you need to do any modifications to your chart for export.
  • New option for CSV and XSLX export options: pivot. If set to true, will "pivot" the data so that firsst column is field names with values lined up horizontally in rows.
  • New property on NumberFormatter: smallNumberThreshold (default 1). You can now set what is considered a "small number" when applying small number prefixes if "a" format modifier is used.


  • If ForceDirectedTree was used with am4core.options.onlyShowOnViewport = true, the forces on links were not being calculated properly, resulting in incorrect layout.
  • JSON: String dates will now be correctly parsed using DateFormatter in axis ranges' date and endDate properties.
  • WordCloud was not properly parsing Korean text.
  • If MapChart was zoomed in while still playing pan inertia animation, it produced a jerky effect.


Updated Oct 5, 2019


  • paddingRadius added to ForceDirectedNode. Allows having some extra free space around bubbles.
  • New event on all Sprite elements: parentset. Triggers whenever element's parent is set.


  • MapChart background was not being updated if map projection was changed after init.
  • Axis' tooltip was not changed if user rolled over the axis, rolled out and then rolled over it again on the same axis item.


Updated Oct 4, 2019


  • Language setting was being ignored in DateAxis after previous release.


Updated Oct 2, 2019


  • Position of the bullets of a series with date-based axis could be incorrect in some sepecific cases.
  • Some minor performance improvements.
  • Map polygon was not updated if mapPolygon.multiGeoPolygon was changed after the series was already inited.
  • Some minor issue with XYCursor panning fixed.


Updated Sep 29, 2019


  • Ukrainian translation (uk_UA).
  • DataSource now supports binary loading using responseType = "blob".


  • Setting exporting.dateFormat resulted in "Invalid date" as a column name for date/time columns when exporting to XLSX.
  • Performance improved, especially data-parsing.
  • When panning XYChart, the chart will round selections respecting startLocation and endLocation values of the Axis.
  • First bullet of a series with CategoryAxis could be positioned incorrectly.
  • Conflict between Annotation plugin and amCharts 3 Export plugin fixed.


Updated Sep 26, 2019


  • ColorSet was now skipping the first (base) color if no theme or list of colors was specified.
  • Setting axis title to a new Label object will now remove the previous title label.


Updated Sep 25, 2019


  • New plugin: OverlapBuster. Allows automatically "exploding" overlapping items such as bullets or markers for easier access to them.
  • New property: maxZoomCount on Component. Use it to limit how many items such as categories or base intervals on axes can be shown at the same time.
  • Added riseFromOpenState, riseFromPreviousState, dropFromOpenState, and dropFromPreviousState setters to ColumnSeries. You can use them to set states to undefined if you don't want them to be used.
  • A possibility to make "fixed" ForceDirectedTree nodes added (via dataFields.fixed). Also it is possible to set x and y of such nodes using series.nodes.template.propertyField.x and y.
  • Removed "GIF" option from the Export menu. Browsers don't know how to convert canvas to GIF, so it was falling back to exporting as PNG, making GIF option redundant.


  • If chart's data source was initialized (which would happen by only accessing chart's dataSource property) and its url was not set, it was still trying to load and resulting in error.
  • Formatting number with "b" modifier, was causing all numbers up to 1024 become zero.
  • ColorSet with default (no) theme was generating colors from second in the list from 4.6.1.
  • Bullet positions were incorrect on ValueAxis with baseValue set to other than zero.
  • Bullet positions with DateAxis could be incorrect in some cases.
  • Title position of a cloned Axis was nor being positioned properly.
  • Cursor was flickering if axis of a cursor had some padding set.
  • Tooltip position of MapImage elements with nonScaling = true could be incorrect in some specific cases.
  • Vertical axis break's fill might get out of sync with break lines if the width of a break was small.
  • RadarCursor could show incorrect label if the chart had CategoryAxis with only 3 categories.
  • Series was not redrawing properly if its axis range value changed.
  • PieChart could show some labels out of chart area in some specific cases.


Updated Sep 18, 2019


  • New property unselectedOverlay added to XYChartScrollbar. It contains a reference to Sprite element used as a "curtain" on unselected areas of the scrollbar. Use it to control dimming effect by using its fill and fillOpacity properties.
  • Export: New option crop (default: false) added to extraSprices interface IExportCanvas. If set to true, it will crop extra elements to match height/width of the main chart being exported.
  • Wherever "date format" can be set it now accepts in Intl.DateTimeFormatOptions format. E.g. chart.dateFormatter.dateFormat = { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' }.
  • New property intlLocales on DateFormatter. Specifies list of locales to use if date formates are specified as IntlDateTimeFormatOptions.
  • JSON: You can now set parent property of the elements by their id in JSON configs. E.g.: scrollbarX: { parent: "aa1" }.
  • JSON: You can now set easing functions as strings in JSON config, e.g. transitionEasing: "ease.cubicInOut".


  • TreeMapSeries and SunburstSeries were not inheriting numberFormatter propertly from the chart.
  • Removed a leftover console.log() call.
  • Exporting no longer temporarily modifies the site's styles.


Updated Sep 12, 2019


  • New plugin: Timeline. Please note it's a commercial plugin, which will need a separate license purchase if you want to remove the branding link on it, even if you have amCharts 4 license.


  • chart.svgContainer.autoResize = false was being ignored.
  • If data of chart with CategoryAxis had data items without a category value, the chart used to create one extra empty "category".