amCharts 5: Charts Licensing Fact Sheet

We can supply any amCharts 5: Charts license including Basic Licenses, SaaS Licenses, OEM Licenses, Extended OEM Licenses, and Maintenance Subscriptions and Renewals.

Read the amCharts License Agreement for detailed license information.

Free License

A free license of amCharts is available, which offers the same functionality as the paid licenses, but requires an amCharts attribution on all charts.

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New Licenses

All amCharts 5: Charts licenses are perpetual for the current major version and include free updates to any minor versions. Support and updates to new major versions are available with the subscription.

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The Subscription is a value-added service which includes unlimited Support and upgrades to any version of amCharts released during your subscription period.

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Co-term / Alignment

If you have multiple subscriptions with different renewal dates and would like to align them, we can help regardless of where you bought them. or start a Live Chat to discuss your requirements.


Extended OEM

The Extended License gives you the additional right to use the Licensed Software in the development of projects within your affiliates, the creation and distribution of “white label” products, or to use in software development projects, including but not limited to the development of applications in languages such as SCALA or similar software development environments.

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amCharts is available as a Free License, Basic License, SaaS License, OEM License or Extended OEM License.

amCharts: Charts
Free License
amCharts: Charts
Basic License
amCharts: Charts
SaaS License
amCharts: Charts
OEM License
amCharts: Charts
Extended OEM License
 FREE$ 176.40$ 637.00$ 2,646.00Contact Us
New Perpetual License

$ 176.40

Save $ 3.60SRP: $ 180.00

$ 637.00

Save $ 13.00SRP: $ 650.00

$ 2,646.00

Save $ 54.00SRP: $ 2,700.00

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12 Months Subscription (Suppport + Upgrades)

$ 186.20

Save $ 3.80SRP: $ 190.00

Subscription Renewal

$ 186.20

Save $ 3.80SRP: $ 190.00

$ 186.20

Save $ 3.80SRP: $ 190.00

$ 774.20

Save $ 15.80SRP: $ 790.00

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Permament License
Includes Source Code
Includes Support
$ 186.20
Removable amCharts branding
Allows use by purchaser and affiliates
Allows use in 3rd party rebranded software
 Usage Limits     
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Pages / Instances
Unlimited Public Websites
Unlimited SaaS Websites
Unlimited Redistributable Mobile, Desktop, or Web applications
Unlimited Physical Servers
Unlimited Development, testing or staging servers / environments
Unlimited Subdomains
Individual developers working with the library11111
Standard Charts
Sliced Charts
Additional Charts
Maps (add-on)
$ 176.40$ 637.00$ 2,646.00Contact Us
 Platforms and Integrations     
 Standard Chart Types     
 Sliced Chart Types     
 Additional Chart Types     
 Chart Features     
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Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

All amCharts 5: Charts licenses are perpetual for the current major version, including free updates to any minor versions. SaaS Licenses, OEM Licenses, and Extended OEM Licenses include a 12 month subscription, which also provides Support and access to any new major versions released during your subscription period.

What is the difference between the different license types?

The Free License includes the same functionality as the paid licenses, but will include an amCharts watermark on each chart.

The Basic License is suitable if you have a public website (which does not require registration), or if you are developing a website for a client and want to add charting capabilities to it. It covers sub-domains, mirror or translation websites, development and testing servers.

The SaaS License, is suitable for either one SaaS website (e.g. an online accounting service, CRM, etc.) OR a re-distributable software product (e.g. a CMS, desktop application, or mobile app).

The OEM License allows you to freely use the library in any number of websites and applications that are owned or developed by you, and includes full source code for the product it was purchased for, thus allowing you to modify the core functionality.

The Extended OEM License extends the OEM License terms with the following:

  • Use amCharts in tools that produce other software, such as compilers and frameworks.
  • Use by subsidiaries of the licensee, e.g. company HQ purchases the license, and all local subsidiaries can use amCharts.
  • Use in software produced for 3rd parties as an OEM deal, e.g. you produce a software for someone else to sell as their own.
Can I upgrade my license?

Yes. You can upgrade by paying the difference between the two license types.

Can I purchase add-ons?

Yes. You can purchase the amCharts: Maps add-on, provided you already own or are purchasing an amCharts: Charts license.

What type of support do I get?

Free Licenses and Basic Licenses do not include support, but the subscription (which includes 12 months unlimited Support and updates to major versions) is available as an option.

The SaaS License, OEM License, and Extended OEM License include a 12 month subscription.

What happens after my subscription period ends?

You can choose to purchase an Subscription Renewal for a further 12 months, or continue to use the version of the product you are entitled to (the last version released before your subscription ends) without support.

Can I buy an old product version?

amCharts does not offer old versions for sale directly.

Can a license be transferred from one developer to another?

The Licensed Software may only be transferred to (i) an Affiliate or (ii) to a third party in the event of a merger of two or more companies involving you. No transfer will be valid unless the transferor delivers and the transferee accepts in writing the applicable product use rights, restrictions, limitations of liability and transfer restrictions set forth herein. Unauthorised transfers or transfers that do not comply with these terms will be void.