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Smart Alert Pro

Upgrade your SharePoint alerts with conditions and templates.

Published by Infowise
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010

Updated: Apr 24, 2012

Smart Alert Pro

Smart Alert Pro takes alerts to a new level, with conditions, timed notifications and user-defined mail templates. Define precisely what you want to be notified of and when, without flooding your inbox with useless messages.

Smart Alert Pro Overview

  • Alerts when item is added/modified/deleted or according to date
  • Specify multiple condition for alerts
  • Integrate with Smart List Pro to add notifications to your forms
  • Create your own email notification templates
  • Create alerts for any users/group, internal or external
  • Send alerts to a Contacts list
  • Attach files and documents to alerts
  • Send alert as SMS (SharePoint 2010 only)
  • Postpone alerts generated outside business hours
  • Embedded images for sending alerts to outside...

Latest News

SharePoint Alerts with Conditions and Templates
SharePoint Alerts with Conditions and Templates
Avoid inbox overload by sending alerts dependent on conditions.

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