SlickEdit for Windows and Solaris SPARC Releases

Released: Oct 1, 2020

Updates in 2020 (v25.x)

2020 (v25.0.1)

Updated Jan 19, 2021


  • c.e - Added C/C++ Preprocessing #define's configuration for WxWidgets GUI library.
  • guicd.e project.e ptoolbar.e - Improved default directory and wildcards for Add Tree dialog.
  • defaults.e main.e makefile.e projmake.e stdcmds.e vstudiosln.e - Added C++20 ".ixx" and ".cppm" extensions to list of file extensions for C/C++.
  • c.e - Added new C++20 keywords to color coding and syntax expansion logic.
  • aliasedt.e sysobjs.e - Added %\j and %\j+ to alias escape...

Released: Sep 27, 2019

Updates in 2019 (v24.x)

2019 (v24.0.2)

Updated May 6, 2020


  • autocomplete.e codehelp.e - Fix for Slick-C stack when you attempt to move the auto-complete form above the current line using Shift+Up or below using Shift+Down and the function help form is not active.
  • se/adapt/GenericAdaptiveFormattingScanner.e - Fix for problem with Adaptive Formatting where it might not decide on indenting with spaces vs. tabs for files that don't have a lot of nested indents.
  • googlego.e - Google changed the registry settings created...

Released: Oct 25, 2018

Updates in 2018 (Build v23.0.0)


  • Minimap
    • A minimap overview of the document, with options for zoom, hover over preview, zoom level, and more.
  • New language support added for:
    • Kotlin.
    • R.
    • Google Protocol Buffer Language.
  • Enhanced language support for:
    • C++.
    • C#.
    • Java.
    • Scala.
    • Groovy.
    • System Verilog.
    • Python.
    • Ada.
    • Markdown.
  • Kotlin support includes:
    • Color Coding.
    • Context Tagging.
    • Smart editing features include smart indenting, SmartPaste, and reindenting on Tab.
    • Project support.
  • R support includes:
    • Color Coding.
    • Context Tagging...

Released: Oct 17, 2017

Updates in 2017 (Build v22.0.0)


Scala Support

  • Color Coding.
  • Context Tagging.
  • Beautifier.
  • Smart editing features including beautify while typing.
  • Project support.
  • SBT build support.

Rust Support

  • Color Coding
  • Smart editing features including smart indenting, syntax expansion, dynamic surround, and SmartPaste.
  • Multi file and single file Project support.
  • Directly open existing Cargo.toml files and a SlickEdit workspace/project will automatically be created.
  • Debugging
    • SlickEdit's integrated GDB debugger is used on Linux...

Released: Jul 17, 2017

Updates in 2016 (Build v21.0.3)


  • Added option to hide files that are already in the project in the project "Add Source Files" dialog, even if that kind of filtering is not supported in the native open file dialog.
  • Added option to not sort "All Workspaces" menu.
  • Added "swap_bookmarks" command to swap between the current cursor location and the last pushed bookmark.
  • Added project wildcard support for a recursive search for a literal filename with no wildcards.
  • Suppress message line warnings for keep-search and delete...

Released: Nov 18, 2016

Updates in 2016 (Build v21.0.1)


Language Support

  • New Groovy support
    • Color Coding
    • Symbol Coloring
    • Smart editing features
    • Context Tagging
    • Project wizard for creating gradle project
    • Single file project support
    • Debugging
    • Beautifier
  • Swift
    • Project support
    • Debugging
  • C++
    • Color coding for C++ raw strings
    • Support for C++11 reference syntax
    • Support for C++11 and function overload syntax
    • >Add option to dynamically transform '.' to '->' for pointer types in C++.
    • >Improve handling of local variables with parenthesized...

Released: Nov 6, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 2015

  • System Verilog Beautifier and Python Beautifier - This includes the fine grained control all of our beautifiers offer, as well as Beautify While Typing.
  • Single File Projects - Sometimes you need to quickly write and debug a short script or program and don't want to create a project for it. This is why SlickEdit 2015 has support for Single File Projects. You can open a file and quickly start building, executing, and debugging. Single File Projects are available for Python, Perl...

Released: Nov 14, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 2014

  • New tool window architecture including Named layouts for floating window groups and docking guides.
  • New beautifiers including HTML and XML.
  • Project support for Visual Studio 2013 for C++, C#, C# Device, VB Device, F#, J#
  • Multiple cursors and selections.
  • Diff enhancements.
  • Version control enhancements.
  • New backup history browser dialog.
  • File listing enhancements.

Released: Jul 1, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in 2013

  • Multiple Document Group Interface - Document tabs can be floated as separate top-level windows, allowing for better use with multiple monitors.
  • Repository Log Browser - Displays a summary of the repository's comment log history.
  • History Diff - Quickly see side-by-side historical revision differences.
  • Support for Large Files - Read and save files greater than 2GB.
  • Beautifiers - New options have been added to better support beautification of Java, C# and doc comments.
  • New Languages...

Released: Jun 15, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in 2012

  • New user interface architecture
  • Beautifier enhancements
  • Android SDK projects
  • New build tool wizard
  • Document overview bar
  • Expanded auto-complete facility
  • Improved Objective-C language support
  • ODB editor suite support for Mac
  • Support for Xcode 4 workspaces
  • Ubuntu unity desktop